The Dungeonbowl
04.03.+ 5.03.2023


. Each team has a total of 1,150,000 gp to spend on roster creation and must hire a
minimum of 11 players. Any unspent cash at roster creation will be lost and all teams
will be considered having the same Current Team Value (CTV) for the purpose of
inducements and prayers to Nuffle.

* Cash given is also used to buy rerolls, assistant coaches, cheerleaders, apothecary and so on.

* The DUngeonbowlp is a resurrection tournament, so no SPP are gained, and injuries,
casualties or deaths do not carry on from one game to other.

* Undead, Necromantic and Nurgle teams are allowed to apply the Masters of
Undeath and Plague Ridden special rules. Players added to a team roster through a
game as a result of those special rules are removed from the roster at the end of that game.

* Teams will consist of a minimum of 11 players and a maximum of 16 players, including
star players.

* Star players can only be induced after 11 regular players have already been rostered.

* Star players cant be given extra skills from the teams skill budget.

* If both opposing teams are fielding the same star player in a game, both star players
are allowed to play.

Teams are separated in five different tiers and offered different skill sets to choose from.

Each team is permitted to stack 2 Primary Skills on a maximum of 1 player at the cost

of both 1 Primary Skill and 1 Secondary Skill. If your team and skill set do not allow you

to give Secondary Skills to your players, youre not allowed to stack skills


Tier 1
Race Chaos Dwarves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Lizardmen, Orcs, Undead, Wood Elves.
A 6 Primary
B 4 Primary + 1 Secondary
C 3 Primary + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 2
Race Amazon, Elven Union, High Elves, Necromantic Horror, Norse, Skaven, Slann, Underworld Denizens.
A 7 Primary
B 5 Primary + 1 Secondary
C 4 Primary + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 3
Race Black Orcs, Chaos Chosen, Imperial Nobility, Khorne, Nurgle, Tomb Kings.
A 7 Primary + 1 Secondary
B 5 Primary + 2 Secondary
C 5 Primary + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 4
Race Chaos Renegades, Old World Alliance, Vampires.
A 8 Primary + 1 Secondary
B 6 Primary + 2 Secondary
C 6 Primary + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 5
Race Halflings, Goblins, Ogres, Snotlings..
A 8 Primary + 2 Secondary
B 6 Primary + 3 Secondary
C 6 Primary + Access to 1 Starplayer
D 4 Primary + Access to 2 Starplayer


You can buy certain inducements with the cash you get to create your team. Some inducements are
restricted to specific teams, as per Blood Bowl rulebook. No Death Zone inducements are allowed,
except star players (more on that below):
0-01 Halfling Master Chef (300k, 100k for halfling teams)
0-06 Assistant coaches (10k)
0-12 Cheerleaders (10k)
0-02 Bloodweiser Kegs (50k)
0-03 Bribes 100k (Bribery & Corruption teams, 50k) No bribes allowed if your team has one or more players with the Sneaky Git Skill.
0-02 Wandering Apothecaries (100k)
0-01 Morgue Assistant (100k)
0-01 Plague Doctor (100k)
0-01 Riotous Rookies (100k)
Nothing else is allowed, be it a Blood Bowl Rulebook or Death Zone inducement.


In case youre considering adding a star player to your team, you
will have to follow this rules:
* You cant hire the same star player twice in a squad. So just one Griff Oberwald, one Roxanna Darknail
and so on
* As stated before, star players cant be given extra skills from
* New amazon star players published in Spike 15 are not allowed in the World Cup, as there's not enough input
about them right now. Amazon teams are allowed to use same star players they had before Spike 15 was published


Certain starplayers are so famous, glamorous or infamous thattheir team mates pay all their attention to them, forgetting to
properly train and improve their own skills. So in case you wantto hire one of them for your team, you will have to pay some ofthe skills you got on your skillset to picture this situation.
If you hire one of the following starplayers, youll have to reducethe mentioned skills from your skillsets
Starplayer Extra Skillcost
Griff Oberwald, Morg’n‘Thorg 3 Primary
Deeproot Strongbranch, Hakflem Skuttlespike, Kreek Rustgouger, Bomber Dribblesnot 2 Primary
Wilhelm Chaney 1 Primary

* A Dwarf coach wants to hire Griff Oberwald. Being Tier 1, hechooses the C skill set and reduces 3 skills from it, getting 0
skills for his team (and paying Griff’s fee too, it doesn’t meanhe doesn ́t have to pay gp for him)
* A Goblin coach wants to hire Bomber Dribblesnot for histeam. He chooses the C skill set and reduces 2 skill from it,
getting 4 Primary Skills.
* A Halfling coach wants to hire Morg’N’Thorg and Griff Oberwald for his team. He chooses the D skill set, that
allows him to have 2 star players on the team. But as that skill set just gives him 4 primary skills, and he would have to
reduce it by 6, it’s not allowed to hire both star players.

Teams earn points as follows each round:
Team Win: 2 Points
Team Tie: 1 Point
Team Loss: 0 Points


Round 1-4 Random
Round 5-6 opponent scores


The Final:
The two coaches on top of the overall ranking after round five will be paired against each other on a special table, "The Dungeon"
(even if they have already played against each other).
Stunty Final:
Last but not least, the two best ranked Stunty Teams after round 5 will be paired against to fight for the "Best Stunty" award.
If one (or both) coaches won't play in the Stunty Final, cause of playing for the Tournament Champion, the next Stunty Team in the
rankings will follow up for the Stunty Final.
This games are played according to the official dungeon bowl rules