The Dungeonbowl
The German Major Blood Bowl Tournament
24.3. & 25.3.2018


You will play a series of 6 games of Blood Bowl against 6 different coaches. This is a resurrection style tournament.
After each match all injured or dead players are refreshed for the next game. So you will play each match with the full
team as created for the start of the tournament. All skills assigned (description below) will be kept.

For the first round, the match-ups are drawn randomly. After that, the coaches are paired based on their position in the
overall rankings (based on the points they scored).
The first two coaches, 1st and 2nd place, play each other, then the 3rd and the 4th place and so on, however, in no case
against an opponent they already played against. (SWISS SYSTEM)

Each match is assigned to a table and a time. Please make sure you arrive on time. If you are paired against an opponent
you have already played against in the tournament or your opponent does not show up, the referees will provide help. If you
arrive late the referees may decide that you may not play in that round.

There is a result card for each table to be used by the coaches on that table to fill in all relevant information regarding
their match. It will have space for the following stats: Coach names, Team names, touchdowns and casualties, all of which are
indispensable for us to run the tournament properly. We will hold both coaches participating in each match responsible to deliver
a properly filled result card.

After the final game the coach with the most tournament points will be declared the "Best Overall" (based on tournament points).
In addition there will be the following awards: "Most Touchdowns", "Most Casualties Caused", "Best Stunty" and "Best painted".

The two coaches on top of the overall ranking after round five will be paired against each other on a special table,
"The Dungeon" (even if they have already played against each other). The first to score a touchdown will win
the match and be declared the "2018 Dungeonbowl Champion".

Last but not least, the two best ranked Stunty Teams after round 5 will be paired against to fight for the "Best Stunty"
award. If one (or both) coaches won't play in the Stunty Final, cause of playing for the Tournament Champion, the next Stunty
Team in the rankings will follow up for the Stunty Final.



The 2018 Dungeonbowl uses the rules of the current rules. All teams must fulfill the following conditions:

- All models have to be painted – merely undercoated models do not count as painted!
- All positions have to be clear - if it's not possible to determine the different positions based on the models,
positions need to be indicated by colored bases or other means.


- Your painted Team
- Your dices and templates
- Model repair kit (like glue) (no must have, but always good to have one)
- Three (3) copies of your team roster
- A copy of these rules and the CRP


The tournament will use the "New" Blood Bowl rules. including Deathzone 1+2
All 26 teams are available, including Slann, Bretonen and Khorne. Rosters are purchased with a treasury of 1,100,000 gold crowns.
All inducements are permitted except Mercenaries, Special Play Cards and Team Wizards. If you include Star Player(s) in your roster
you must first have at least 11 normal rostered players before including the Star. If two coaches are drawn against each other in
the tournament with the same Star Player on their roster, then both players are permitted to use the Star
Note, during the pre-match sequence extra gold crowns for inducements are not awarded to teams that have a lower team
value (such as they are in league play). Besides the starting skills on your roster, you are also permitted to
add additional skills to your players. These skills are added in two phases, firstly before day one of the tournament and then before day
two. You may pick a different number of skills depending on your team’s race.

The 24 available choices are divided into three tiers.


Rang Teams
01 Amazon, Bretonen, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elves,Dwarf, Lizardmen, Norse, Orc,Skaven, Undead, Wood Elves
02 Chaos, Chaos Pact, Elves, High Elves, Humans, Khemri, Khorne, Necromantic,Nurgle, Underworld, Slann, Vampire
03 Halfling, Goblin, Ogre



Rang Skills und Extra GS
01 3 Normal on day One. 3 Normalon day Two
02 4 Normal on and 1 DOUBLE on day One 3 Normal on day Two
03 3 Normal 2 DOUBLE on day One 3 Normal on day Two
Note that skills are exactly as “New Skill” rolls specified either “Normal” or “Double” as per the CRP Improvement Rolls table.
There are no restrictions on skill duplication i.e. you may give several different players the same skill if you wish. You may only
select one additional skill per player. All skill choices for both day one and day two must be determined before the tournament and
added to your roster. Each round your roster must be made available for your opponents to check.

Tournament Points - Ranking

In the course of the tournament your team will get tournament points to indicate the position in the overall ranking:

2 points - Victory
1 point - Draw
0 points - Loss
-1 point - Concession

If a team concedes the opponent will get a victory with 2:0 TD and 2:0 CAS for this round, unless one or both of these, TD-difference
and/or CAS-difference, was already better at the time of concession in which case he will keep the actual TDs or CAS as occurred in the match.

The ranking will be sorted by the following criteria (from top to bottom):
· Tournament points
· (Round 1-4 Random) (Round 5-6Tournament points of your opponents)
· (Round 5-6) Touchdowns for
· (Round 5-6) Casualties for
· coin toss

Casualties - Only Casualties caused by blocking (so does “Ball & Chain”!) will count. All casualties caused by fan results, fouls, crowd surfs
and (other) secret weapons do not count!

Additional Rules

Overtime – There is no Overtime. Games will end after turn 16, or when the official time for this round is over. The match in The Dungeon follow the
rules of the Dungeonbowl Rulebook.

12+ players on the pitch – In case, that a team got too many players on the pitch, the additional AND one extra player will be randomly removed from the pitch.
The team will loose its turn. You can substitute these players later, AFTER the end of the drive … – see page 11 CRP.

Rules Questions – Discussions on rules are inevitable. In order to avoid long discussions we recommend that you refer to the appropriate rulebook
as soon as a question arises. If the rules do not cover the situation, then roll a dice to decide what happens. In other words, a friendly dice
roll should decide any question that cannot be answered by referring to the rules.
If you really want a referee to sort out a rules question then you are free to call one over. In addition, a referee may intervene if he deems it appropriate.
Please note: I'm the law – the ref has the final word!

Sportsmanship - Our tournaments are not meant to be cut-throat, win-at-all costs competitions, and because of this we expect and require participants to
compete in a friendly manner. Please keep in mind that the purpose of this event is that people have fun playing their favorite game, and so acting in an
unsportsmanlike or unfriendly way will be frowned upon. If we become aware of anyone acting in this way then they will be asked to play in an appropriate
manner, and if they don't they may be penalized. Please note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking an
opponent if they can show you the appropriate rule or set of characteristics so that you can check for yourself that everything is being done correctly.
All we require is that you ask nicely and politely, and that you do your best to sort out any problems yourselves!
Don't forget: The ref got the last word on it! – as stated above.

The Dungeon Bowl Champion 2018 - The defending champion (i.e. the 2017 Champion) gains one extra re-roll for his team, if he shows up with the original
winning team (team name, race - but not necessarily the same roster. This re-roll can only be used once (1) during the course of the whole tournament.
Please note the use of this extra re-roll on the result card.